dear personal chef: i never knew how good mashed potatoes could be until i had yours. for this, and you, i am thankful.



dear city sky at dusk: i was in a really bad mood when i left the office today but then i looked up and saw all these colors.



dear doggy in the window: you looked so sad, waiting in that box to be delivered to a family for christmas. i think you got adopted though – when i returned later you were gone. i liked your beard.



dear iphone: this is the first photo i have taken with you. i was so excited to be removing you from your expensive packaging that i didn’t even know i was taking a picture. i have a fancy camera at home, but there is something i like about your grainy low-quality image output. the lack of control, it’s downright refreshing.

i think i will finally start a blog, and write about the images i take with you.