dear “curly” quotes: i have a personal pet-peeve about the misuse of "straight" quotes in media. with computers, everyone thinks they can design, and they seem to take no issue with that fact that most email and other desktop publishing programs default to the incorrect use of quotation marks. here is a lesson to all you out there who don’t understand:

"straight" quotes–or marks that go straight up and down–are for unites of measurement; 'feet' and "inches". e.g., i am 5'3" tall.

“curly” quotes–marks that have a curve to them–are the appropriate device for quoting someone, or apostrophes. e.g., emily says, “don’t use straight quotes in a sentence or logo if you want to be taken seriously as a graphic designer, editor or writer.”

now like me, you shall be cursed with seeing the scourge of "straight" quotes everywhere you go!



wait you forgot to tell us how to get the curly quotes...on a mac and a pc!
do tell

emily foran

well, on a mac curly, or “smart” quotes should default in word or any adobe design programs. if not, you can probably set up these defaults in your preferences. however, it usually does not default online or in emails, so the keystrokes are as follows (with the + signs meaning in addition to, not that you actually need to press +):

“ = option + [
” = option + shift + [
‘ = option + ]
’ = option + shift + ]

If you are on a pc, god help you.


ha! thanks lady!!!