dear hair: i wear you every day. i appreciate your thickness and the fact that you are very versatile– i style you curly, wavy, straight, up or down on any given day with ease. and so far, only one of you is white. however, today i spent more money on you then i spend in a month on all my other bills combined. this is because the salon where i get you cut (and today, highlighted) keeps increasing their prices. it was so expensive, that i cannot bring myself to admit the amount in writing. the problem is i had six horrible san francisco haircuts before i found a stylist that did you justice. i don't want to divorce her, but this is really getting out of hand… what to do?



Your Hairdresser may be freaking out that less people are coming in for hair cuts these days-if this is the case she is going about this all wrong! She should offer a discount to her loyal customers to keep them coming back.

emily foran

well according to her, hair is “the last thing” people cut from their budget– so the salon business is supposedly unaffected!


interesting I heard the complete opposite from 3 other stylists...she must be damn good!

btw it's nico :)